Nostril reduction


Do you feel that your nostrils are too large or wide? Many people who have this concern have found that nostril reduction surgery is right for them. Performed as part of a rhinoplasty procedure, nostril reduction can reshape your nostrils, bringing them more in line with the contours of your nose and your other facial features.

About 20 percent of all rhinoplasty procedures involve patients who want their nostrils to be smaller or less flared. While this is more common in 'ethnic rhinoplasty' surgery, patients of all ages and ethnicities find that even a subtle removal of excess nasal tissue can lead to dramatic changes in their facial appearance.

During most nostril reduction surgeries,the surgeon removes a small wedge of tissue at the nostril base, near where the nostril connects with the face. This technique narrows the nostril while maintaining natural-looking contours. Care must be taken to avoid taking out too much nostril tissue, which can give the nose an unnaturally pinched, triangular shape. In many cases, the tissue can be removed from inside the nostril, rather than requiring exterior incisions. This technique is known as a Weir excision. The scar from a Weir excision is hidden inside the nostrils.

While the Weir excision is the most popular form of nostril reduction surgery, there are other options. A Joseph incision removes the tissue from the base of the nose in the nasal sill, the band of tissue that runs horizontally at the bottom of the nose. The remaining tissue is then pulled together, making the circumference of the nostril smaller. One downside of this technique is that it can create a notched appearance due to the 'missing' area of tissue.

Finally, the surgeon may opt to use an alar base narrowing technique. During this procedure, an incision just above the nostril crease (where the side of the nostril meets the face) enables the surgeon to remove a slice of tissue and move the entire nostril inwards, leaving behind natural contours.


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